Streetlight Symphony Mixtape

Streetlight Symphony Mixtape

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Streetlight Symphony is an all original compilation of downtempo selections written and recorded @No Agenda Studios in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY featuring the lyrical genius of Bridget Barkan and Naja Rosa.  All production, composition and arrangements by Kimyon Huggins.  

Track Playlist

1. Sunday Morn by Katya Minskova Huggins and Kimyon Huggins Jr. and Kimyon Huggins

2. Never Coming Back by Bridget Barkan and Kimyon Huggins

3. The In Between by Bridget Barkan and Kimyon Huggins

4. Take Me Away featuring Bridget Barkan by Kimyon Huggins

5. To The Front I Stand by Kimyon Huggins

6. Won't Let You Down by Naja Rosa and Kimyon Huggins

7. Love For Today by Bridget Barkan and Kimyon Huggins

8. Blk Hymns by Kimyon Huggins